About… Jackie Penrod Cunningham


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My name is Jackie…my mission is survival.  My hubby and I are the parents of 3 beautiful children. Our sons, ages 8 and 13 are severely autistic, and our 10 year old daughter is sandwiched in the middle. My favorite hobbies include child rearing, cooking, housekeeping, the general serving of others, and sarcasm.  My real job however, is acting as a constant advocate for my children and their well being.  With my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, I recently went on to earn my Masters in the field, with a centralized focus on Special Needs individuals involved in our Justice System.


I like to say that our hands and hearts are always full; I like to say it because it sounds nice, acceptable.  How I feel, often times, is just the opposite. Yes, full hands and hearts, but not always with the love I make reference to by that statement. Our hands are full of tantrums, frustrations, puzzle solving, messes, red tape, sympathetic stares (or rude glares), sleepless nights, urine and fecal smearing.  Our hearts filled with tears, guilt, helplessness and sadness over loss of something we never truly had. Although I have no formal training or schooling in the field of autism, I can speak from first hand, long term, real life experience that can only come from loving and living with these amazing and enigmatic young men; my sons.  So please follow me on our journey of autism; the victories and the defeat, the laughter and the tears, the urine and the fecal smearing.  If nothing more, I want to provide a real life window into autism’s house that you have never seen.  So please take a peek, voyeurs welcome!


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2 thoughts on “About… Jackie Penrod Cunningham

  1. Personally, I think you are awesome! I think you’re an amazing woman, a fantastic mother, and that you could are a Masters degree while taking care of three children(let’s not even talk about the fact that two of them are special needs) is an unimaginable accomplishment. I salute you!

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